Happy Sex: Putting Passion and Play Back into Your Relationship

Too many couples are disappointed and frustrated by their loss of physical and emotional intimacy. First, they blame hectic work schedules, money issues, home life chaos and sexual boredom for their growing separation and loneliness. Later, they just blame each other. Research indicates that developing a passionate and playful mindset can restore a failing relationship in the bedroom and beyond.

Couples can break the cycle of relationship emptiness and deepen their physical and emotional intimacy. You will see how existing patterns mask or destroy opportunities for more passionate and playful connections. Couples will learn how Happy Sex leads to happier lives together. 

  • Most common reasons couples experience emotional disconnect and sexual boredom
  • How your hidden sexual expectations will destroy intimacy 
  • Key signs that indicate your relationship lacks intimacy
  • The role of fear in blocking intimacy and deeper connection
  • How your sexual style can ruin even the most loving connection
  • The reasons why Happy Sex is vital to every couple’s long term commitment
  • The importance of passion and play in restoring relationship intimacy
  • How men and women experience connection differently
  • A step-by-step process for bringing passion and play back into the bedroom and beyond
  • What Happy Sex is and how to have it

Happy Sex: Putting Passion and Play Back into Your Relationship will be released in December 2015. Follow Jan’s blog or Facebook page to find out when it’s available.